Thursday, June 7, 2012

Big day for Google Announcements

Today was a big day for Android here in Brazil as the Galaxy S III debuted here. And it was also a big day for Google as they announced not only major improvements for Google Maps and Google Earth but also the acquisition of Quickoffice. That is probably going to get attention from Microsoft who rumors say will deliver their Office suite to Android in November.
Regarding the Maps news Google said that we'll have offline maps and navigation in the next few weeks (iPhone and iPad users must be getting more and more upset about losing Google Maps in their next update...), many people say that there's no difference between that and the current lab function to store 10 mile squares but I completely disagree. I think that this is a MAJOR step forward for Android as now we'll have a free map app that is truly free as you don't even need to have a data plan to use it - and much more convenient than having to save side by side squares of 10 miles to try and encompass the full area you use - navigation tool.

The Google Earth mobile new 3D mode!!

On the Office side of news Google just got Microsoft worried, as they acquire the best Office app available for the Android platform. That is great news for Android users everywhere because now it can become a truly productive OS if Google plays it right. Quickoffice is very good already but you can't make a case for a full fledged substitute of Microsoft Office. But with Google's money and talent they can change that. And if they do Android tablets will have a whole new use! And may even be free!! (we can dream...)

A great day for Android indeed... :)

PS: Right now Quickoffice pro costs $14.99 in the play store and the tablet version, Quickoffice pro HD costs $19.99. A bit steep but the best office app out there for Android.

PPS: For our iOS readers, Quickoffice is actually also available to iPhone and iPad. Just follow these links - for iPhone for iPad - or get it from iTunes.