Monday, April 23, 2012

Android vs iPhone

Hey guys, I stumbled upon a video that I really liked and wanted to share it with you guys...

It shows a comparison between Android OS and iOS. It uses the flagship devices from both Operating System. The Samsung Galaxy Nexus vs the iPhone 4S, the two devices that pretty much represent all that there is on iOS and Android in it's pure form. The author, Mr. Wicked4u2c, lets us know how he got convinced by the media to exchange his Android smartphone for an iPhone and shows how he feels about it after about a month of using his new iPhone.

It's a very good video to watch, the author is not completely biased one way or another, especially since he owns an iPad 3,  he just shows factual differences between the two systems. If you have a friend who says that no matter how good your Android phone is his new iPhone is just better because it's from Apple, show him this... ;)

Source: TalkAndroid

PS: I know that some of our readers use iPhone, iPad and other Apple products to access the blog, I'd like to say that you're all welcome and if you have any opinions as to why iOS is better I would love to read about it in the comments... ;)

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