Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Endless possibilities with Android!

Getting back to my story...

As I said I was missing some kind of notification for my phone without having to turn on my screen... That's when BLN came into play... It wasn't immediately available when I got my Galaxy S II, but after a few weeks one of the great developers from XDA, Hacre, came up with a kernel that made it possible for this great phone to be even better... Eventually Hacre (who has a great sense of humor, and if you click on his name you'll understand, he's pretty much like the comic strip on this link) got fed up with the complaining and repeated questions and simply quit developing for the GSII... :-( but other developers picked up the slack...

And now the biggest flaw in this otherwise great device was fixed!!! For it to work you need to get the BLN Control from neldar, which lets you personalize your Back Light Notifications... Now it was a matter of keeping the phone up to date with the VillainROM...but wait a second, that's boring...can't I change anything???? Well, of course you can, one of the best features of VillainROM is VillainTweaks! It offers the kind of customization that android is all about to me...

It offered some interesting tweaks in earlier versions of VillainROM, which are not available anymore... One of them shows me how much you can change WHATEVER you want in your Android device...
My mother, about two or three weeks after I did, got a Galaxy S II for herself and she didn't like one thing about it - the positioning of the power button - for a very simple and feminine reason, when she puts her phone in her purse the power button got pressed by whatever was in her purse and the phone turned on, which obviously is a big waste of battery... So how to fix what seems like an unfixable design flaw??? Well, anything is possible with Android!! All you need to do is edit a file and it's fixed! Yes it's that simple! And it's not a complicated computer programming kind of editing. All you have to do is erase the word WAKE from the file! Granted the file is quite hidden, but if you use Root Explorer, or some other file explorer that lets you mess around with your system files, it's not hard. If you want to do it you have to be rooted and do this:

- Open Root Explorer
- navigate to /system/usr/keylayout
- click and hold on "sec_key.kl"
- click on "Open in Text Editor"
- erase the WAKE word from the line which you don't want your phone to be awaken, be it the home or power button
- click the menu button then save and exit and reboot your phone
- DONE!!

It's highly recommended that you backup this file and if possible the whole system, but it never caused me any problems...

PS: If you don't have Root Explorer I highly recommend buying it, it's by far my favorite file explorer on Android!


  1. I would like to have your help to do it in my cel!

  2. Sure, we do perform these services provided you're close enough to us... :)