Monday, July 11, 2011

So THAT's how you do it...

Now that I managed to find this great source of knowledge, my beloved XDA forums, I could start messing around to try and make my Android phones better.
One of the first things I started reading about was root access. For those of you who don't know what that is I'll try to explain in a simple way. Root access is what you need to change your android device in deeper ways, it's almost the same as having the freedom to change any file you want in the Windows system folders... For those that want the more technical approach this link has a nice explanation. At first I was put off by the complex tutorials and DANGER signs all over. But then I found this app: the Universal AndRoot, which was supposed to be safe to use, no danger of bricking your phone. So I got my Milestone and tried it......... And voil√†!! I had root access to my Motorola Milestone! With that I got more confident about messing around a bit more with my phones. So I got my Xperia X10 and installed the same program and also got root access to my X10!! Now things were starting to look good. With one little detail left, I still couldn't get paid apps...
But then I found this: the Market Enabler. This nifty app allows you to "fake" your location so the Market believes that you're in the US or Europe, or any other place that has paid apps! This app still works for those of you guys who live in countries without paid apps or even without Market!
Since then I could now use my phones to their full potential!!

PS: From now on I'll try to squeeze at least one tip on each post to help you guys, especially those new to android!
PPS: I've made an app for my Blog and it's already in the Market, you have the link right under the title and here is the QR code, enjoy!

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